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Every leader wants to create the best environment possible to allow their team to perform at the highest level possible.
The question is, how?

Whether you know it or not, your team has a set of cultural norms and it is these unwritten rules that will make or break your performance. At Gravitas Detroit, we provide workshops and coaching to help you uncover the patterns of behavior that limit your team's productivity and set a new course of action to drive more highly engaged employees, greater team productivity, and foster innovation.

Custom In-Person

Team Workshops

Perfect for individual teams or whole organizations looking for a “done for you” solution to speed up execution and accelerate performance. Whether it is in-house or offsite, we can handle all the details for your annual, end-of-year team meeting - from generating the agenda, team-building exercises, and facilitating the meeting – all customized to your unique leadership message and company values.


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Custom Online


Maximize organizational learning for remote and/or hybrid teams. Let Gravitas Detroit facilitate a workshop based on our Authentic Leadership Course or unleash the talent of your team leaders or corporate trainers to be force multipliers across your organization by having us coach your leaders on how to facilitate your own workshop in house.



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Support & Coaching

Gravitas Detroit can also provide ongoing support to you and your leadership team to achieve the collaborative, high-performance culture you desire. We work within your comfort zone to observe the team during their normal collaborative meetings to establish a baseline understanding of your team’s chemistry and evaluate progress over time. This activity is followed by individual coaching sessions with each team member to identify and breakthrough any barriers or limiting beliefs.

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What are people saying?

"Wow-what a great workshop series! It’s amazing how much they accomplished, word feedback from the session included - inspiring, transformational, beneficial, growth, motivating, and refreshing"

Ginger Juncker
Executive Director, Councils & Member Programs, OESA

"I wanted to build a foundation for a strong team culture in the organization in a 1-day workshop. Jan delivered. The result of our day was fresh perspectives, deeper understanding of each other, and principles that are going to really strengthen our team culture."

Wayne Bradbourn
Sr Director Engineering Marelli


Jan Griffiths is the President and Founder of Gravitas Detroit, a company committed to breaking the mold of corporate leadership to allow authentic leadership to shine through by providing workshops, keynotes, and podcasting to accelerate fully engaged high-performance teams.

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