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How to be a great podcast guest in less than 30 minutes for only $79

Are you struggling with:

  • Fear of the unknown?
  • Worried about saying something you'll regret later?
  • Uncertainty about the technology involved and what you’re supposed to do?
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You’ve accepted an invitation to be a guest on a podcast and want to gain confidence with the process, tech, and content.

You’ve been invited to be a podcast guest, but you don’t know what to expect or what you should do next.

You’ve decided to explore podcast guesting and want to provide certification to support your position as a qualified podcast guest.


After completing our mini-course, you’ll

know how to create great audio

be a relaxed, confident podcast guest

be able to boost your personal brand

What do we have for you?

  • Four (4) Sessions.
  • Each session has a 6-minute video.
  • Downloadable Checklist as a takeaway for each session!


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"Jan's practical tips will build your confidence, increase your comfort and improve your effectiveness as a podcast guest – just as they did for me for my first podcast appearance"


Jim Bianchi, APR

President, Bianchi Public Relations, Inc.

Be a great podcast guest

in less than 30 minutes for only $79!!!

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