The Quest for Gravitas – Ann Carter, Part 2 and the questions I didn’t know how to ask

Ann Carter is the leader people love to follow and if you listened to part 1 you’ll know why. In this episode, we have an open and candid discussion about racism in the workplace

The Quest for Gravitas – Meet the leader people love to follow - Ann Carter, Part 1

The C suite supply chain executive with a story to tell

The Quest for Gravitas – Meet the Ambassador for Millennials and Mobility – Katelyn Davis

Katelyn Davis believes passionately about the future of the Automotive Industry and her dedication has never wavered even during the difficult times of the downturn she persevered and encouraged others to share her passion

The Quest for Gravitas – Meet the Generation Z CEO – Michael Chime

Move over Millennials, Generation Z is coming through! In this episode, you’ll get inside the mind of a Generation Z CEO, Yale student, football player, and purpose-driven leader

It’s Time for Courage – Inside the mind of Ryan Berman, the man who wrote the book on Courage

That day is finally here! Your organization is ready to transform, our minds are open to change (we don’t have much choice) and you will lead that change with courage as you define the #NewNormal

Who will you become after the Crisis? – Inside the Mind of the last passenger on “The Miracle on the Hudson”

How has this crisis changed you? How will you choose to live your life now?

Leading through the Crisis and Beyond - Time to reconnect with your company vision and your legacy - Meet John Anderson

You’re leading out of the crisis! What’s next? Have you thought about your vision lately? for your company, your team, and your life?

Leading through the Crisis  - How to Handle Communication – Insights from Jim Bianchi, President of Bianchi Public Relations

How we communicate will set the tone for how we lead through this crisis and set the stage for how we lead after the crisis.

Leading through the Crisis  - The Wartime Refugee Perspective with Mira Griffiths

In this episode you’ll meet Mira Griffiths, Mira grew up in the time of the civil war in the country previously known as Yugoslavia, she and her family had to flee the city she was born in and leave everything to be destroyed during the war

Leading through the Crisis  - The Navy SEAL Perspective with Nick Norris

We are at war with an enemy we can’t see or predict. What can we learn from our elite warriors, our Navy SEALS to help us LEAD through this CRISIS?

Leading through the COVID19 Crisis  - The Emotional Intelligence View with Cathy Mott

How was your week? Adjusting to life with the #newnormal

Are you ready to lead through the COVID19 crisis?

These are troubling times indeed yet they open up an opportunity to connect with people on a deep and meaningful level like never before. Are you ready?

The Quest for Gravitas with Heather Klish, Global Vice President Logistics & Lean Manufacturing – Delphi

Heather is the daughter of a GM tool & die maker on a mission to positively impact American manufacturing and she’s rocking it.

The Quest for Gravitas with Kristy Fercho, President of Mortgage Banking at Flagstar Bank and Vice-Chair of the Mortgage Bankers Association

Meet Kristy Fercho, the daughter of a track coach from Compton CA on a mission to help people achieve the American dream of homeownership and she’s rocking it!

The Quest for Gravitas with Nick Skislak , Founder of SS Digital Media

In this episode you can expect to hear how Nick made the shift from being “in the weeds” on everything to trusting, delegating and letting go.

The Quest for Gravitas with Jeneanne Hanley, a recognized transformational leader, Board member of KLA and previously President of Lear E Systems

In this episode you can expect to hear how she engages a team around a new technology play specifically in the EV space, how they embrace innovation and execute in troubled times particularly when “there’s fear in the air”

The Quest for Gravitas with Kevin Browett, CEO Renaissance Media Solutions

Kevin comes from a one red light town in Pennsylvania he rose through the corporate ranks to head up an $18 Billion P&L and then... the pivot, a magazine? Tune in to hear his story it covers toys, drugs, start-ups, martial arts and more.

The Quest for Gravitas with Renee Harmon, VP Leadership Coach at United Wholesale Mortgage

They call her “coach” and she has great insights to share about the coaching culture at UWM

The Quest for Gravitas with Laura Lawson - Chief People Officer - United Wholesale Mortgage

Meet Laura Lawson, an authentic leader who takes her skills and creativity from her Hollywood job on the Ellen show and becomes the “chief architect of culture” for a mortgage company in Michigan hiring over 3,000 people in 2019.

The Quest for Gravitas with Don Akery, President of TTI Americas

Meet Don Akery, a man who walks the talk when it comes to authentic leadership, a man who knows what it takes to take care of all of his stakeholders, customers, suppliers, owners, and most importantly, employees. We will explore today exactly how he does that and stays true to himself.

Who is Jan and Why the Quest for Gravitas?

In this episode, Jan provides the background on her transformation from farm girl to Automotive executive and her passion for authentic leadership.

Finding Gravitas Trailer

In this trailer, Jan Griffiths provides a short overview of the podcast.