The best bosses lead with authenticity.
We help them do that.


"Cookie-cutter” corporate leadership doesn’t cut it. 

Today’s workforce expects leaders who stand for something, and who live by the words they preach. We want leaders who unleash our best selves and unite us into a team that can build something bigger than we can on our own. There is only one way to achieve this state of leadership: authenticity.

Authentic leaders transform the workplace.

  • Attract the best talent in the world
  • Empower teams to do their best work
  • Align workplaces under common values

“Gravitas” is the hallmark of Authentic Leadership

As a leader, do you ever feel like…

  • You’re not sure how to consistently inspire your team with creativity and positivity 
  • You want to attract more Gen Z talent into the workforce, but are not sure how
  • You want to foster empowerment, diversity, etc, but don’t know where to start
  • You struggle to juggle the needs of your team with the needs of your customers/clients
  • You’re concerned that vulnerability can be viewed as a weakness
  • You feel like you don’t fit the standard corporate mold, but are also afraid to step out of it
  • You wear your hours worked or vacation days skipped as a badge of honor
  • You focus on tasks and busywork rather than on leadership and one-on-one connection
  • You feel that you’re not leading 100% aligned with your values (and struggle to identify what those values even are)

All leaders grapple with these thoughts.
We can help you overcome them.

This is how we transform
individuals, teams, and organizations.

The resources you need to become a more authentic leader.

Bespoke workshops to help you reach your goals faster.

Boost employee engagement with an Internal Podcast.

Inspire your audience with an unforgettable keynote experience.

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A starter tool, on the house.

We’ve distilled a list of the “21 Traits of Authentic Leadership,” and curated them into a collection. We offer this as a starter guide in the journey to authentic leadership.


“Jan brings out the untapped energy and creativity in all of us. She makes individuals and organizations more effective.”

Robert J. Remenar
Board Member at Cooper Standard Automotive and Former CEO at Nexteer & Chassix

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The working world is changing.

Don’t get left behind.

Leaders with Gravitas are at the front lines of this new movement. Let us guide you, unlock your potential, and help you lead the workplaces of the future.