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With courses from Gravitas Detroit, you (and your team) will be equipped with the tools needed to be a force multiplier in your organization, in your industry, and in our world! You can go at your own pace, or take the course together with your team members in-house for an exponential impact.


Each course contains bite-sized videos and team guides to help you involve EVERYONE on the team.


let Gravitas Detroit lead your team through a CUSTOM WORKSHOP or TRAIN YOUR TRAINERS/LEADERS to facilitate the course in your own organization.

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This 5-part online course teaches you all the essential traits needed to become an authentic leader.

Self-paced, learn on your own or with your team.


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Learn how to improve your audio presence and be a great podcast guest.

(less than 30 minutes)


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The Best Leaders Learn Together

As an added bonus, select courses come with a Team Action Planning Guide to take your team through your own in-house training. The power of authentic leadership can be exponentially multiplied through group learning. 


  • If you’re looking for a dynamic facilitator to take your team through a custom workshop, you can book Jan to come on-site or facilitate remotely.
  • Unleash the talent of your team leaders or corporate trainers to exponentially increase the knowledge base across your organization. Expedite the learning by having us coach your leaders on how to facilitate each course and module.
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What are people saying?


"The Authentic Leadership online course made my life bigger & better!"

"We love the bite-size videos and self-paced format!"

"The additional resources section provides lots of valuable information to go deeper in any session."

"The editable workbook makes it easy to track actions and take notes."

"WOW - this course covers so much, it’s opened up our team to deeper conversations on meaningful topics!"


Jan Griffiths is the President and Founder of Gravitas Detroit, a company committed to breaking the mold of corporate leadership to allow authentic leadership to shine through by providing workshops, keynotes, and podcasting to accelerate fully engaged high-performance teams.

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